100% Natural Clarifying Toner 120ml


SGD 35.00

100% Natural Clarifying Toner - Our clarifying toner for acne prone skin contains witch hazel, tea tree and lavender to soothe and heal inflamed skin and to balance oiliness.

A toner for acne and oily prone skin, to help balance and soothe the skin whilst preparing it for our Treatment Gel. Use after our Purifying Cleanser as part of our three-phase programme to give you blemish free skin.

Our specialist herbal extracts not only soothe the inflammation caused by spots but also break down the ‘cement’ that clogs pores and causes the break-outs in the first place.

Those of you who know how brilliant this is – don’t keep the secret to yourself – tell your friends!


* Witch hazel to soothe inflammation, gently heal spots and protect the skin.

* Tea tree for its antibacterial properties.

* Lavender to soothe.


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