100% Natural Light 24 Hour Moisturiser 30ml


SGD 38.00

100% Natural Light 24 Hour Moisturiser - A light, natural moisturiser for day or night.

Our light natural moisturiser is most suitable for those with normal skin, to help hydrate and moisturise without being too heavy on the skin. It is also suitable for sensitive skin.

A genuine 24 hour moisturiser that keeps your skin hydrated all day long, without being heavy and still allowing the skin to breathe.

Our special emulsifier contains a lock in moisture system, which combined with our herbal extracts makes this a great every day moisturiser, free of all chemicals.

Very handy to carry in your everyday bag and reach for quick moisturising, soothing use on your skin. Our moisturiser compliments our E-Natural Emollient Cream very well for alternate use.

* Safflower oil to hydrate & soften (also helpful for eczema and rough skin).

* Ginko Biloba to soften, calm and tone, and revitalise. Helps maintain skin in good condition, balance oil production and improve skin texture.

* Shea butter to nourish and protect.
* Cucumber to tone.


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