100% Natural Cooling Eye Gel 30ml (Out of Stock)


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100% Natural Cooling Eye Gel - There are no perfumes or essential oils in this product, so this is especially suitable for the extra-sensitive area around the eye.

This gel will give your eyes that ‘wide-awake’ look, reduce dark circles, puffiness and help to counteract that ‘tight’ feeling that tiredness can bring. 

Our herbal extracts, including the eyebright, have a special affinity with the eye area. That's why it is called ‘eyebright’! 

Also, you have all seen pictures of ladies having a facial with slices of cucumber on their eyes – hence the addition of cucumber as well to cool and tone.

Aloe vera, of course, has so many wonderful properties that we could write a whole book about it, but suffice to say this will further soothe, moisturise and restore.


* Eyebright to reduce puffiness
* Cucumber extract to cool & tone
* Aloe vera to soothe and moisturise


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